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Who We Are

Crossroads Pecans, LLC  officially opened its doors in 2020,  and is pleased to announce it will be providing great products and services to the Eastern NC area  Although they are a new company, the services and products have long been a staple in the local community.  The recipes used are all closely guarded family secrets that have been passed down from multiple generations.  

Having numerous pecan trees on the family farm is what led 'Boot" to find an easier and faster way to get the prized meat from the shell.  His search for an answer steered him to a mechanical sheller that both did an amazing job and wowed all the neighbors!  Through the evolution of time, so has evolved the machines used to harvest, sort, process, and prepare pecans.  Fast forward 50 years and you'll find this family started business using some of the best equipment, but based off the original methods proven so long ago.  

As a small business that is completely still family run and operated, quality and values are second to none.  Just as a towering Pecan tree's roots are buried deep and wide, so are the family's morals and integrity, which shows every time a customer or friend stop by!  You too are always welcomed at Crossroads Pecans or are just a phone call away. 

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